Fashion is a vital element of the culture and so are fashion shows. Europe especially, is home to high-end fashion trends, the greatest designer wear which is definitely worth a watch. Europe is home to true spectacles at the world’s biggest fashion destination with a spiced innovative angle. Europe is not just home to diversified fashion trends but is also the popular land to many diversified cultures. This post tells you all and lets you delve deeper to find out why these are the very best.
1. Italy fashion week: Despite how well-known Milan Fashion Week has become in the business, the first Italian fashion week was not held in Milan. The first unofficial fashion week took place in Giovanni Battista Giorgini's home in Florence in 1951. He wanted to add value to Italian fashion, and he did just that. The event was a success, and 'Fashion Week' began in 1958 before being relocated to Milan via Roma in the 1970s. Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and a slew of other big Italian designers have all shown at Milan Fashion Week, and with public spaces all around the city transformed into catwalks, it's impossible to ignore the atmosphere surrounding the event. While the shows are normally invitation-only, the after parties are frequently available to the public, but don't forget to pre-register!
Location: Milan
Date: 22-28th Feb 2022
2. London fashion week: The United Kingdom's response to the other major fashion weeks that were already sweeping the globe was London Fashion Week. LFW, the fourth and final of the 'Big Four' fashion weeks, didn't take any chances. With big names like Betty Jackson, John Galliano, and others walking the week's various catwalks, this colourful and ground-breaking fashion week was huge from the start. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood have shown their collections during fashion week in the UK capital, and there have been plenty of memorable moments to propel this fashion week to its 'big four' status. In 1993, Naomi Campbell married model Philip Treacy bare-chested, in 1995, Stella McCartney's debut collection sold out completely while she was still a student designer, and in 1997, the world was stunned once more. Sophie Dahl walked in place of Laine Keogh, and her stride astounded everyone. She was, to put it mildly, a size 14.
Location: London
Date: 18th-22nd Feb 2022
3. Paris fashion week: This fashion week is quite prestigious where the designers from the elite class present their fabulous designs, and one can see some supermodels waltz wearing apparel from popular brands like Galliano, Louis Vitton, Dior and many other popular brands. This is one of the prominent fashion weeks held in the world and people can find a wide range of premium-quality fabrics with elegant cuts and designs which is hard to find.
Location: Paris
Date: 28th Feb-08th Mar 2022

Popular Apparel shows
1. Texworld Paris Spring 2022: It is a must-visit show for all manufacturers who deal in kinds of cotton, silk items, denim items, dyed fabrics, luscious fabrics linen and hemp, funky sportswear or deal with super-functional fabrics like wool, wool accessories and more.
Location: Paris, France
2. Premiere Vision: This is the best place to come for building a strong network and use it as a base to build your business when it comes to accessing industry contacts or profiling your business circle, as it premiered focuses on the best-in-line in manufacturers, manufactured fabrics, and international specialists from sportswear to denim.
3. Munich Fabric Start: Munich Fabric Start is a well-known textile trade show in the fashion industry, and it's where many aspiring designers and brand owners pen their 1st success story here. A plethora of creative heads flocks from all over the world is here to get a taste of what's to come in this fabulous Munich Fabric start show to get their store’s names one step ahead of the competition.
4. Pitti imagines ummo: Pitti Immagine Uomo, this is the home of men's fashion, is where it's at for men's clothing and accessories, and it even has a section called MAKE, which focuses on brand-new labels in the menswear world.
5. Specialist trade shows: Berlin has a plethora of fashion shows for streetwear, casual wear, and even alternative options to match your style quotient.