Wicker furniture is trendy, and this has increased the popularity and versatility of wicker furniture and design accessories. Wicker furniture can complement every interior design style and colour scheme, while also adding cosiness to your living rooms. Rattan, an organic material that can be weaved together to form attractive pieces of furniture and home decor, is the main component of wicker furniture. It has been employed as an outdoor mainstay as well as a key interior design trend due to its adaptability.


Interior designers have discovered ways to incorporate these woven wonders over the years, from family rooms to bedrooms. Its exquisite weaving provides warmth and texture, which you'll appreciate indoors as well outdoors with a tinge of drama. Above all, it complements a wide range of house styles, including traditional, rustic, stylish, eclectic, and modern.


Type1: Interior styling

As decorative items

Some of the popular items for your cosy bedrooms, laundry arenas and spacious dining room is using- nifty woven vases, fab hampers, vintage or bohemian lampshades or cute storage baskets that would add a chic vibe to your otherwise boring bedroom or your living space.

These not-so-little wicker furniture pieces will add life to your boring spaces at home. If you do not like the placing, then you can comfortably move these small items without the need for extra help.

Contemporary designs

Cottage inspired modern living rooms are lovely and exude warmth. But when you add a little charm with cottage themed wicker furniture and decor accessories, they are a treat to the eyes. Wicker furniture sets add a special touch to any room, giving a vacation-like ambience. 

But you must know that modern-day living room designs with wickers are especially challenging and you need an expert hand at it. 

Coloured wickers 

This is the moment to use trendy, creative colours if you are a fan of them. And a splash of the new colour on your wicker furniture would be the nicest part of restyling your living room.

The only thing you have to do is try neutral colour palettes, traditional wicker works beautifully work with it. Otherwise, one can add a splash of colour by painting it or throw a pillow or a cushion that matches the painted wicker once it has dried.


Type 2: Outdoor styling

Cosy retreat

These are the most convenient option for your recreational space because they are lightweight, airy, and easy to move. They add a modern twist to porch or patio designs while adding comfort to your outdoor living space.

Coastal retreat

With everything around being breezy and calm, it is better if you could keep your porch casual than being too flashy like arranging with a lightweight wicker swing and fill it up with colourful cushions hand-screened with coral beauties or place a cute wicker love seat for a vintage feel.

Metallic retreat

Fill your porch with wicker furniture pieces. They can be easily moved unlike sculptures made of metal, resin, metals or plastic. But if you are fond of displaying sculptures, put them on wicker pedestals, or wicker tables as they can be moved to another place than on the floor.

Country retreat

Create a reading-napping zone on the porch with a few wicker snack tables and a wicker armchair. If your top porch doesn't have a roof, hang the wicker chair from a swing stand for a more dramatic effect.